Merafong City celebrates women’s month

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Merafong City Local Municipality’s Department of Public Safety in partnership with Security and Transport and Community Safety Forum (CSF) hosted a women’s day prayer on the 8th of August 2016. The women’s prayer was held at the Carletonville Civic Centre and the theme was “A society of fearless women in prayer”.

The purpose of the event was to collectively bring the women in uniform and public servants together and give all their fears and problems to God in order to achieve the following:

  • The elimination of fear amongst women in uniform through God’s presence.
  • Strengthening of faith in God amongst women in our society, because a faithful woman is a fearless woman.
  • Raising awareness of the women oppression that still takes place within our community, society and Africa as a whole

The guest speakers were the then Member of the Mayoral Committee for Community Safety Forum Cllr. Buyiswa  Xulu, the Executive Director: Corporate and Shared Services, Advocate Zoleka  Conjwa and Pastor Masina of Mount Zion Church. Adv. Conjwa shared her views and thoughts on the theme of the event and spoke about how women are still oppressed in other African countries.  She utilized the example of Rwanda after the genocide, where that country is led by women, as a result of what happened during and after the genocide.

During her sermon, Pastor Masina said women should place all their troubles, fears and successes on God and those women receive their strength from God and constant Prayer.

The women in uniform took part in a pledge that included different stakeholders. The stakeholders were as follows:  Justice, Home affairs, Fire Station, SAPS, Correctional Services, SAMCA, Different municipal departmental managers, Community Safety, West rand community safety, Education, FBO and Regional Public Safety.

All these stakeholders pledged that from that day, women will always support each other in combating social issues that oppress and degrade women and society as well. They all pledged that they will be directly involved in combating these issues and that women will assist each other, instead of bringing each other down.