About Merafong City Local Municipality

Explanation of the individual components of the Merafong City Logo

The design features a mineshaft as a central design component, representing the mining industry and celebrates our community, and the contribution gold makes to our local economy The Logo shows a strong upward movement, which represents the positive attitude of the Merafong People. The colors and all shapes indicate balance and tolerance between people, nature and Industry in Merafong City.

The Green in the design is used to indicate growth. The band of green also refers to nature and healthy living. With growth, reference is made to the will of Merafong City to create job opportunities, deliver services and to improve the quality of life for all its people.
The grey gears indicate secondary industry in Merafong City.
The red circle in the logo is indicative of a caring community, giving care to its elderly and sick.
The blue band in the design is indicative that Merafong City strives to uphold higher values and morals, such as trust and commitment.
The brown depicts the soil. As Africans we often refer to ourselves as children of the soil. The soil is further the main resource on which the Agro Industries, Eco Tourism and related industries are depended. These industries are well represented in Merafong City.
The centrality that Gold and the Mining Industry is given in the Logo, also refers to the name Merafong City, derived from the Sesotho language, which means “the place the mines are”.

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Tel: 018 788 9500
Fax: 018 786 1105
Email: info@merafong.gov.za

3 Halite Street
Gauteng, South Africa