Chief Financial Officer Rinky Ngwenya
Financial Services

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Profile of the Finance Department

The main objective of the Department is to secure sound and sustainable management of the Fiscal and Financial affairs of Merafong City Local Municipality by ensuring compliance with Legislation and practicing of Generally Recognised Accounting Practice (GRAP) and sound standards Accounting Principles and norms and other requirements for.

(a) Ensuring transparency, accountability and appropriate lines of responsibility in the Fiscal and the Financial Affairs of Merafong City Local Municipality.

(b) The Management of Revenue, Expenditures Assets and Liabilities and the handling of their financial dealings.

(c) Budgeting and Financial Planning Processes and the co-ordination of those processes.

(d) Acquisition of Long Term Loans.

(e) Supply Chain Management and procurement.

The function of finance within the municipality is administered as follows and includes:

(i) Income Section

(ii) Credit Control and Client Services

(iii) Expenditure Section

(iv) Supply Chain Management Section

(v) Budget and Treasury Office

These services extend to include the above functions, but do not take account of the above functions which resides within the jurisdiction of local government. The municipality has a mandate to:

(a) To handle all matters that relates to Revenue of Council viz, Collection of Revenue, Recording of Revenue, Implementation of Tariffs to charge Residents for Services Rendered, issuing of monthly accounts. Debtors Management and Indigent Registration and Management.

(b) Implementation of the Credit Control Policy and Client Services to ensure financial viability.

(c) To handle all matters that relates to the payment for all services rendered and purchases of goods and services required ensuring that Council attain its mandate.

(d) The processing of all payments is made in this Department. The department is also responsible for the safekeeping of documentation arising out of making payments. All payments of salaries for staff and allowances for councilors are made in section. The section is also responsible for the payment of all subsistence and traveling allowances, all creditors and long-term loans.

(e) The Supply Chain Management Section is responsible for all procurement of Goods and Storage of such Goods. The section is also responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the Tender Processes. They are responsible for ensuring the compliances with the supply chain policy of Council and also compliance with MFMA in all aspects as for as supply chain management is concerned. Compilation of the data-base of all the suppliers falls within the section.

(a) The Treasury and Budgetary Office (Finance Section) manages the corporate financial affairs of the Council to ensure best possible services are rendered with available funds. The section provides strategic financial management and financial services to internal clients. (Municipal Departments, divisions, sections and functions). The section is responsible for compilation of the Annual Financial Statements, monitoring and driving the budgetary process.

Implementing and maintaining a control system to ensure that accurate information about the Municipalities Financial position is available for Internal and External stakeholders and/or role-players to make informed decisions. The finance section is also responsible for the short term insurance portfolio of Council.

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